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LabMath-Indonesia organizes a Research WorkShop (RWS) in August during which the new software HaWaSSI will be explained and used.
This RWS is mainly aimed at students and graduates (BSc, MSc, PhD) interested to use or improve software for the simulation of environmental waves. The various aspects will be interested for students and researchers from different disciplines, such as Coastal or Ocean Engineering, Marine scienceShip building etc, but also Mathematics, (Computational) Physics,and Computer Science.
Good performance during the RWS can lead to the offer to execute an internship (or university thesis project) at LMI or to become researcher to support the development of the HaWaSSI software.
Please see 'Events' for further information and registration.

Researchers at LabMath-Indonesia have developed software to simulate waves for Wavetank, Coastal and Ocean Engineering applications under the acronym HaWaSSI.
We are pleased to announce that with our partners in collaboration projects over the past years, the University of Twente and the Netherlands Technology Foundation STW, it has recently been agreed that LMI will have the full copyright of the software. This makes it possible to make HaWaSSI available for university research and to provide licences for commercial activities world-wide. It is expected that within 6 months the first version of HaWaSSI will be released, becoming available from the website http://hawassi.labmath-indonesia.org. To be informed about the release and preliminary information, please send an email to hawassi@labmath-indonesia.org.

NeXT Ocean Indonesia (NOCI) and Laboratorium Matematika (LabMath) Indonesia are organizing ;
Workshop & Symposium on  “Water Waves & Ships (WW&S)” in Lawangwangi, Bandung, Indonesia, 1 – 6 July 2013.Poster announcement is avalailable here.

For the Workshop (& Symposium) a limited number of participants can be accommodated; the total fee is 300.000 Rp (reduced to 100.000 Rp for young students). An application (including CV, academic record, letter of motivation) should be sent by email to info@nextocean-indonesia.comInterested participants who perform well will be offered the opportunity to work at LabMath-Indonesia (LMI)/ NeXT Ocean-Indonesia (NOCI) for short or longer time.
For participation to the Symposium only, fee 300.000 Rp, please send an email to info@nextocean-indonesia.com, mentioning your area of research or employment details. For presenting a lecture, include an abstract of your presentation.

Deadline for application : 24 June 2013; information about acceptance : 26 June 2013
Further information is available at NeXT Ocean Indonesia (NOCI); www.nextocean-indonesia.com/events